Beautiful Lord Ganesha


Beautiful Lord Ganesha

Ganesha, the great obstacle remover. Always pray him when you start something in India.

It is very difficult to be an atheist in India…

Hindouism is very open, like all polytheist religions, every God is accepted and welcome to join the thousand other ones already partying in the vast hindu pantheon. But, having no god? No religion? That is very difficult to explain to most Indians.

So, i had to find something to express my spiritual convictions. Now, when i am open to discussion ( when i have no time or patience i just say I’m Christian, which everybody assume anyway) i tell people that my religion is Ancient Chinese Taoism.

After having extensively studied western philosophy, then virtually travelled through most of the world’s beliefs, religion, philosophies or other type of spirituality, Tao is the closest concept i found to express my understanding of the world.

And, as Tao…

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